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Comprehensive Tax Planning Services

Many individuals and companies are now scrutinizing their approach to meeting government compliance obligations. However, the task of managing tax and statutory compliance has become increasingly complex due to changes in tax laws, accounting standards, and heightened demands from tax authorities. SMEs are the most affected in this respect due to limited resources, know-how and increasing scrutiny from the government.

ABCO’s Tax Compliance Management Services teams offer comprehensive solutions to transform the way clients manage compliance, including tax compliance and planning, tax provision preparation, statutory accounting, bookkeeping, payroll compliance, compliance process and data extraction, technology and control advice, as well as project coordination and management.

ABCO’s compliance services framework establishes a core team that acts as a single point of contact to manage the overall relationship and services provided. The team is trained in industry best practices for compliance services. ABCO’s team of professionals helps companies design, implement, and manage a compliance structure that meets the specific needs of their organization.

In addition, ABCO staff help you set up the structures and policies to make the day-to-day activities aligned with your compliance goals and obligations to take away the headache that comes with tax compliance using a systematic, long-term approach.

We offer financial and business advisory services to diverse Kenyan and international organizations in the areas of Tax … [more]

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